Welcome to CDB Therapy.  My name is Cody Bair and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  I have worked as a licensed clinical social worker since 2010 and I have loved every minute.  My training and experience have centered around various theories and modalities of family therapy including structural family therapy, experiential family therapy and object relations family therapy.  When working with children and adolescents, I prefer to combine behavioral and experiential approaches. The primary focus of my practice is child, adolescent and family therapy where the most common areas of interest are; anxiety, depression, anger management, divorce reaction, trauma, sexual orientation and gender identity. 


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At the time of the assessment,  the client and all legal guardians must be present for the purpose of completing the assessment as accurately as possible and consenting to treatment. In the instance of divorce, a copy of the custody agreement must be present at the time of the assessment. During the assessment, the goal is to have all opening paperwork completed and for me to gather as much information about you to best understand the context in which you live and function.  Regarding the therapeutic relationship, I believe strongly in goodness of fit. In the initial session, we will talk about your interest in counseling and what work we can expect to accomplish together. From this conversation, we can decide if the goals on which you want to work can be accomplished through this specific therapeutic relationship.
individual therapy
I have experience and training working with children, adolescents and young adults on topics such as divorce reaction, anxiety, depression, anger management (understanding and addressing the source), trauma, gender identity and sexual orientation.  Working with children, adolescents and young adults requires the use of different techniques; shifting from expressive and hands-on approaches with children to the use of reality-based and visual strategies with the use of large dry-erase boards standing side-by-side with adolescents illustrating their perception versus that of--what may appear to be the perception of--everyone else to then more humanistic and existentially based therapies that combine the use of cognitive tools for young adults who are trying to balance the many stressors that accompany their specific stage of life.  
family therapy
Your family system is a clock. Think about each member of your family as an internal piece of that clock. Because the same life experience may impact each member of the family differently, each internal piece of that clock has now been altered from the previous version of itself. Now you have a clock that may not be functioning at all or merely is not functioning as well as it could function.  This would be a great reason to consider family therapy.  Please note: For family therapy to be the most successful, all members of the family system must be present.